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Everything evolves, nothing remains fixed.


Fintech is one of the most disruptive and fastest growing tech areas.


Key features are the identification, verification and monetization of data, but digital identity, data privacy and data rights are also covered by our fintech umbrella.


The rise of digital payments and money transfers characterized the first fintech wave.

We believe, that the next wave will be characterized by new “off-the-shelf” infrastructure to support the development of new compliant applications, potentially leading to a restructuring of our current financial system.


This will allow new players and emerging markets to overcome traditional barriers, which accelerates the overall democratization and evolution of our financial markets.

We believe in growth in the following areas:

  • Alternative Lending

  • Capital Markets

  • Consumer Finance

  • Digital Assets / Blockchain

  • Financial Services (IT)

  • Insurance Technologies (Insurtech)

  • Money Transfers

  • Payments

  • Regulatory Technologies (Regtech)

  • Wealth Technologies

That's some of the opportunities, we are focusing at.


The Economist: "The future of money"

EuroNews: "Fintech - Will it replace traditional banks?"

New technologies are disrupting verticals like never before. The market for fintech is not only driven by supply and demand of new digital products, it is also driven by significant investments by key market players:

  • Financial institutions are struggling with regulatory challenges (KYC/AML) and urgently need automated processes, driving the institutional acceptance of new fintech solutions.

  • Established tech players are implementing new fintech solutions on their platforms to be regulatory compliant and to scale and monetize their big data, driving the development of new apps.

  • Banks are facilitating digital assets as a new asset class with consolidated portfolios, secure storage and trading facilities, driving trustworthiness to the new digital economy.

  • Emerging markets are embracing the digital economy, pushing for a resetting of our financial infrastructure. With smartphones, we can now include billions of “unbanked people”.

We believe in long-term opportunities that are democratizing our financial infrastructure.


Wall Street Journal "Apple vs. Banks: The Digital-Wallet  War"

The Economist: "Is there a crypto-future?"

Our strategic focus is based on two pillars:


A “top-down” market-based assessment of a company’s potential, and a “bottom-up” analysis of its capacity to deliver growth.

Potential targets undergo a multi-step due diligence and screening process.

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